Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Revolution "Coup" In #Syria Gets Another Song

She is their biggest cheerleader, and she made her stands known to the masses, then she toned it down a bit. Now she returns with a cover of an old Oum Kalthoum song in favor of revolutions. Keep on mind, the original song was performed by the legendary Egyptian songstress who has also sang for the king before he lost power and the army took over.

Assala is a super star and she has the high for the octave and whatever comes below it. She has what it takes to rock concert halls. She did not have to support the revolution in Syria, but she did and she paid dearly for that. Now comes a more intimate song by her where she sings with no music and noticeable lack of makeup.

"Revolutionaries" is the title of that song and as a song Assala knock it out of the park....I do not get the politics of the Syrian revolution, I know this murder and thugs in Syria have to be stopped.

أصاله تغني للثورة السورية .. أغنية أم كلثوم " ثوار "

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pop Goddess Nawal El Zoghbi 2015 Album Arives #‎MeshMesamha

Nawal El Zoghbi just delivered one hell of an album. She really did work with the best out there and they gave her the cream of their talent. Enjoy each of these tracks and savor it because each of these song will be around.

This is an album that you enjoy with your friends and also alone. To be frank, each of these songs is an experience in an emotional state. There are the happy ones, the dramatic ones and everything in between. So Nawal can take a break and get back in full-swing to the concert season. And yes this is one of the times that the world comeback should be used generously.

Each of these songs will play here in this playlist....there are so many hits, even the song about the sound of quietness is a new thing that cures the soul. Nawal has worked on this album and has taken her time to carefully hand pick each of them and live with them before she headed to the recording studio to record them.

Nawal is a pop star who hot hot in the 90s, she was on fire in the 00's and she is still warming up in 2015 and it is still an honor to collaborate with her.

01 - Ya Gadaa
02 - Mesh Mesamha
03 - Men El Awel
04 - El Nas Beyesaalooni
05 - Leik Wahsha
06 - Malaoun
07 - Sawt Al Hodoo
08 - Eyouni Lama Beyshofook
09 - Ghareeba Hal Deni
10 - Ghazelny
11 - Wala Bahebak

Sawt Al Hodoo - Nawal El Zoghbi صوت الهدوء - نوال الزغبى

The Enamored Toni Qattan Lands The Love Of His Life @ToniQattan

Toni Qattan has built himself a comfortable career in pop music--he is a fixture of Jordanian and Palestinian concerts. And sometimes he lands a gig in the Khaleej and things are good. The charismatic young singer also composed most of his songs, he is a songwriter too.

We like him because we almost lost him few years ago when he had trouble with his liver. Now he seems to be back in full-speed as he is spending a great deal of the music video running to make it to his date. He is certainly a charming voice and the dialect he uses allows him access markets in the Lavent, Iraq and Khaleej.

He is enamored here and has found happiness with this lady. He would fight for his lady and wants her family to know his intentions--he wants her to be his life partner.
طوني قطان - مغروم | Toni Qattan - Maghroum

Friday, August 28, 2015

New Song By The Iconic Iraqi Singer Kadim Al Sahir Salutes Iraq's Youth (Video)

Kadem Al Saher used to be an idealist singer. He is no longer that way. how could you be positive, upbeat when the only news form Iraqi is heartbreaking. But while the country has been in turmoil for decades, Kadem has a new on for the youth in Iraq.

He is calling on them to raise up and build and not to give up home. The chorus for this song seems to be no short on legends. The song plays like a typical national anthem, Kadem chose to go for the casual look here. He sounds at his finest since 2009. It's a very good song from an Iraqi who loves that land despite the chaos and bloodbath.

Not sure what inspires this song, the timing is interesting. Maybe it has to do with the calls for change in Iraq who revolted against their rotten government and really brought about change without unleashing a civil war.
كاظم الساهر شباب العراق

كاظم الساهر شباب العراق ، أغنية وطنية ، عرضت للمرة الأولى يوم الجمعة 28-8-2015