Monday, December 22, 2014

Listen: Loai Returns To Making Music "Aayeshha" #Comeback عايشها - لؤى

Loai has not released an album since 2006 and he has not had a big hit since 2002, but he is still making music when he is legally able to. Loaid has been locked in a battle with a production company that has yet to release his album. Loai is not allowing them to release the album until they meet their contractual obligations. So he parted away from that company and joined another company to make a new album with them.

This is a first to me, Loai has two albums ready to go, and nothing out yet. Mazzika will release his new album but Pyramedia is unable to publish his other album. Luckily, the upcoming album has a song that we already have. It's below and if you wonder, if it was worth the wait? I do not know if I can answer that.

I like his sound here, and it feels like the song has a texture. We miss that side of Loai, I think he deserved a better melody for his comeback song. Loai is one of those gifted performers who have been buried due to circumstances. He did have a number of singles that brighten one's day. This new track "Living it" hits all the right notes and   

Aayeshha - Loai عايشها - لؤى

WATCH: Ayam We Ayshaha - Asma Refai ايام وعيشاها - اسما رفاعى @asma_refai

Ladies of pop have it tough, there way too many of them, which makes it harder to stand out, find decent songs, and make money. Guys have it tough, but they seem to have no trouble entering the business world through their fame. Sadly, most female pop artists settle for a husband and then disappear.

With that in mind, here's Asma Refaei with a new single about nostalgia and the lives we lead. It's a dark song after the storm feel when one feels alone and abandoned. The song got to air on Mazzika, which means more people will see it, but not clear if this is an amazing thing anymore. The music video is about having it all and all of sudden it's all gone.

Ayam We Ayshaha - Asma Refai ايام وعيشاها - اسما رفاعى

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Women Can Have It All, Amal Maher As an Example

I like the voice of Amal Maher, in fact she is one of the finest voices in Egyptian pop that's becasue she did not get into it to be popular, she shot to fame years ago with her covers of oldie songs that we know too well. It took her years to sing her own songs, and this is why she has done it right, the Gulf adores her and keep asking her to sing for them in private functions and public. Egypt is crazy about her and her success of three years with the release of her second album were hard to ignore. And yes the mogul of Beruit love to have her on their shows--she just owned on Star Academy few days ago.

Amal Maher is now working on another album project, this would be a touch one as the last album from her was so perfect it makes making another great album an ever harder job. But Amal Maher has the IQ, the connections and the friends who will make sure she make all the right calls. And once again, she has time on her side--she can take all the time in the world. Summer of 2013 she came to sing for Egypt and its people--she did not seem partisan.

She demonstrated that it's possible to make good art and be commercially successful. She did the emotional, dramatic, romantic and upbeat dance songs--all without missing a heartbeat. She performed every song like it's a title song she does not rush and takes as many takes as it needs. And aside form the show businesses, she seems to be a loving mother and happily married.

Mesana Le Sana - photo - Amal Maher م السنه للسنه - صور - امال ماهر

اغنية امال ماهر - مكانك مش هنا | النسخة الاصلية | روعة

امال ماهر وزينب اسامة - البرايم 11 من ستار اكاديمي 9

Friday, December 19, 2014

Amr Mostafa Stole This Song! Here's How His Hit Song Is A Fraud (Video)

Panjabi Mc did have a good hit that traveled the world and was a dance favorite for about 12 months. An Egyptian hack composer took notice. So he ripped the song and broke down the melody, the notes, and rhythm. He took the song and reversed it, put some affects on it and boom, you have a proceed hit song in disguise.

It was a hit song used by the anti-democracy crowd in Egypt to celebrate yet another dictator to rule them all. They hired a UAE artist Hussien Jasmi to sing it for them, and a popular hack lyrics Ayman Bahgat Amar wrote the lyrics to the melody. And the trio won awards, and bragged about having worked on the most successful pop his in 2014.  
Unluckily for them, the internet showed us that the trio is a fraud. See the video below it will walk you through it and show you how this song was stolen from the Panjabi Mc. It makes it worse that this song was used to urge people to vote for Sisi--the tiny yet sneaky man who wanted to be president. But it should be no surprise that he too stole the presidency from a guy who now sits in a prison cell for no fault of his own.    

حسين الجسمي - بشرة خير | 2014 وفضيحة عمرو مصطفى (النسخة المسروقه) من Panjabi Mc