Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hala Fakhir Advises Egyptian Men To Marry A European Over Lebanese

I think this is supposed to be funny from Hala Fakhir, the Egyptian actress who is now hosting a talk show. It seems to be a cool thing to do in Egypt is to marry a Lebanese woman over one of the local ladies in Egypt. So it seems the thinking is to skip Egyptian ladies and go for the Lebanese who is foreign and not too foreign.

Hala advises the men of her country not to go with Lebanese due to the dialect differences whereas some references--some of the example is the word for refrigerator and the tires. I find it funny that an Egyptian woman doesn't stick to the ladies from her land.

Then she goes with the European nationality it comes with more perks and the ladies according to Hala keep up their health up to the 80s as they exercise. She also pokes fun of Egyptian ladies who at age 40 get many health woes. She forgets to say by 40, most ladies in Egypt have had at least four kids, but the one in Europe may have never had a baby.

I know this is meant to be humorous, but to be frank it's an insult to Egypt, its people both men and women.
الفرق بين الزوجة المصرية و الزوجة اللبنانية مع هالة فاخر

The New Ahlam 2015 Album Dares You البوم ابتحداك لفنانة العرب احلام

Diva Ahlam released a new album--everybody should listen to it. Why? She is the biggest female pop star in the region, she is also the most recognizable artist from the Gulf to most Arabs. The title for this album is "I Dare You" I do not know what the topic is but I know the diva has few enemies and she has never held back. I name Shatha Hassoun, Shams and Ragheb Alama, not to forget the entire body of the Arabic press whom she insulted.

Make no mistake this album will sell like cupcakes, she is a big name and people love her and her music. So, I am certain sales will not disappoint. I like the variety songs she has in this album. She even has a one light Gulf song that travels well outside the area where she is most comfortable with. Nine tracks are out in this album, and let's recall that this album's title is not original as another female pop artist who's based in Gulf used it in the 90s.

The why the album is being promoting is as a masterpiece as you will see below.

01 Kelmet Zaal
02 Abathadak
03 Malhofa Le Soutak
04 Alashanak
05 Meen Asar Alek
06 Thanek Elawal Ghalat
07 Fog Ma Tesawar
08 Kaani Omry Ma Habet
09 Ersi Ala Bar

البوم ابتحداك لفنانة العرب احلام - حالياً في الأسواق

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Event: The Rich Sounds of the Yemenite Musical Tradition Comes To America

Musical styles in Yemen are especially fluid in rhythm with a wide variety of metrical patterns derived from poetic language. Although the musical culture of Yemen is a domain that is scarcely known and documented, it has deep historic roots and is extremely rich in genres, repertoires and configurations, and modalities of performance and instruments. Yemenite music in general, and regardless of all the differences between layers of tradition and local and regional styles, has a particular attraction and charm, virtues which have been praised since ancient times.

Traditional music life in Yemenite towns knows no concerts or concert halls, with the most significant individual style of art music in Yemen based closely on poetry, including both classical Arabic poetry as well as that of Yemeni poets over the past centuries up until today.

Abdulrahman Al Akhfash's performance style embodies the Yemeni tradition that most often consists of a solo singer with 'oud accompaniment, and percussions highlighting rhythms in subtly expressive ways. Renowned across Yemen as a musician and vocalist, Abdulrahman Al Akhfash promises to deliver a euphoric performance at Alwan with Yemen's rich sounds, traditions, and poetry.

Al Akhfash will be accompanied by Ahmad Al Roudani, a percussionist and vocalist who studied at the Yemeni Music Institute in Sanaa. Al Roudani practiced his musicianship with masters of varied Yemeni vocal and instrumental traditions. In the mid 1970s, he became a member of the Yemeni National Orchestra. He now resides in New York and selectively showcases his talent in intimate gatherings that celebrate the diverse musical and poetic heritage of Yemen.

Saturdayat 8:00pm
3 days from now · 41°F / 27°F Mostly Cloudy
Show Map
Alwan for the Arts
16 Beaver St, 4th Fl, New York, New York 10004

Tickets: $20 General Admission; $15 for Students & Seniors
Available at the door or online* at:
(*small online fee is applied)
Doors open at 7:30 pm
For more information, including artist bio:

Yemen AbdRahman Al-Akhfash Ma7booby Sara7 MaGaly Music Video

Egypt's Top Manwhore Has A New Movie (He Slaps Women Around) @hassanelraddad

Hassan El Raddad is supposed to be an actor, but in more than a dozen of roles he has played, he has always played the same character. The good-looking guy who is a player and all women want. I liked him three years ago, but now I am sick and tired of his same roles. Let's not forget that he came to the movie business through his father who was an actor before him.

Watch the preview for this little talent hack play the same character over and over again. I guess there are three different ladies fighting for his affection. Hassan El Raddad's new movie shows him slapping many women on camera. Really is that their idea of being funny? Such acts do not advance the well-being of women in homes that watch the different households.

Why do accomplished actress accept to be slapped on the face on camera? Have we not moved beyond this yet? Here's the preview of Hassan El Raddad's new/old role of being a man-whore who likes to wear his sister's skinny jeans.

This movie is supposed to be a comedy, but for me it's either a drama for the state of Egyptian cinema or a Sci-Fi where Hassan is a charming guy.
اعلان فيلم " زنقة ستات / حسن الرداد / ايمي سمير غانم / ايتن عامر / مي سليم "