Monday, May 25, 2015

The Golden Duet By The New Seif Magdy And The Seasoned Ahmed Saad

Here's an interesting pairing of two artists. One little boy with a million dollar smile and one amazing vocalist who rarely smiles. One is at least 25 years older than the first. Ahmed Saad is a wonderful singer whose voice is in a league of its own. Four years ago he had a good song about a common man who has done so many wrongs yet he wants to do the right thing.

So on Mother's day we got to hear of a new artists that goes by the name Seif Magdy who was part of a trio. Now, the two has gotten together and re-recorded the song and the product feels like a wonderful harmony. Glad to see the chemistry between these two Egyptian talents.

Welcome guys, a good song is made better by the right arrangement and production. It's a human song about someone who has wronged so many people yet he still sees the human and he feels wrong about his life choices.

Duet Seif Magdy - Ahmed Saad - Ana Ensan | دويتو سيف مجدي - أحمد سعد " انا انسان "

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Before He Was An Alleged Terrorist, Here's Mellow Fadel Shaker

Very few select group of people know the whereabouts Lebanese singer cum terrorist. No idea if he is even still alive, maybe he is in Lebanon maybe he has found a way to get the hell out of town. He is on top list for wanted criminals. It's a sad fall of grace....

The once romance hit-maker, the guy with a heart of gold and the man who wears his emotions on sleeve lost most of his fan base when he abruptly quote the show business and made a big deal about it. Then he made a 180 degree turn, joined a violent cult that took him in and he started talking politics...first he took on Syria....but then he started attacking Lebanese folks and he was involved in a clash with the army, and footage of his surfaced talking about killing two--not sure what he meant.
Now, let's remember the singer because he seemed a lot more important--he played a role in curing hearts, not blowing them up. Here's the best songs he has released during the span of his 17 year career in the music biz.

 أجمل ما غنى فضل شاكر .....fadel shaker

The Sinai Desert Folklore Goes Mainstream By @FayrouzKarawya

Many natives of the Sinai desert feel overlooked by the central government in Egypt. At times they do not feel part of the country at large....and this is one of the reasons it has been a hotbed for violent and extremists groups. I think Egyptians need to make a habit of visiting that land, also the natives do not need to feel like strangers...

Indie vocalist Fayrouz Karawya is among the first entertainers in the mainland to sing a Sinai style song that come from the local tradition. This is great, there are a lot of many things I like about the Sinai, but the music was not one of them. Thanks to Fayrouz Karawya, now I know how does that sound. It's actually an upbeat song, it has its own style, but it remains Egyptian.  

A Clever song, released the right time, but a songstress that has many talanets and a big heart.

فيروز كراوية - طرف اصابيعه/ Fayrouz Karawya - Tarf Asabi'o

Saturday, May 23, 2015

BEST Circassian Techno EVER!!!

There are many people who call the Middle East their home yet they are not Arabs, they may speak Arabic, but they do not see themselves as ethnic Arabs. Therefore, they have their own culture, and music and more. The ethnic politics are messy, but I wish people would clam down and chill--music would help them to do just that. Think about that Kurd contestant on Arab Idol, she sang in Arabic and win over people who saw her as talented person regardless of her background.

While there are influence between these cultures, the majority tend to be Muslims who have found themselves in the region. Some want independence, others want recognition, and others want to just make a living.

This video is dedicated to all Abazins, Adyghey, Kabardians and Circassians spread out all over the world! Thought I would share it so that everyone can appreciate this awesome music from the Caucasus. Pass Along, Like, Share, Post.

BEST Circassian Techno EVER!!!

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