Thursday, December 18, 2014

Listen, Hussain Al Jassmi Best Song To Date حسين الجسمي ما نسينا جديد

Love songs are central to pop music. Try putting your heart’s desires on paper — and then singing them out loud. Hussien Jasmi just recorded a song that made me realize that love is better when you’re young. That’s when you can enjoy it freely, without all the adult complications

Whenever you write about someone you’re close to, you can’t help but be nervous about it. Hussein seems to have been experimenting with combining singing styles. You can hear how he matched three singing styles. We couldn't stop listening to that, and we wanted to write one as good that had the same kind of yearning.

Barry hit the melody first and I put together two verses and the chorus, his new single Ma Nissena is a hit because it is about vulnerability, turmoil and how ordinary people risk everything for love. Ma Nissena is the kind of song that always moves me because it’s so close to me. It’s such a heartbreaking song and there still so much love in it. It’s about loving each other but not being able to live together.”

Some may consider his pro Egyptian army song and anti democracy track as his best work yet. I do not see the song having a lasting impact.

حسين الجسمي ما نسينا 2013 جديد

حسين الجسمي ما نسينا 2013 جديد

Afaf Radi, The Unforgettable Seventies Diva عفاف راضى

One of the most beautiful Egyptian voices is Afaf Radi who came to Cairo to take part of children TV programming and began to make a name for herself in the late sixties and early seventies. She does romantic songs, and children songs like it's nobody's business. She can do that kiddie voice that the little ones and she can pull off the dreamy teenager love voice so well.

Afaf studied the piano at tend years old and graduate with a BS with excellence when she was 18 years old. She did not stop there, she went for a Masters and later a PhD from the art institute in Egypt. She did a number of plays and theater, and one movie. Her movie was son many songs, she co-starred Mahmoud Yaseen in "Moled Ya Donia" One of her many memorable songs is "Egypt is My Mother".

I think of her as the alternative Soaud Hosny, they shares a lot of talents, but what you will notice they both pull the cheeky girl so very well. Afaf also sang for Palestine a number of songs "Jerusalem Will Not Fall" and "Akko--Acre Is My Home" Most of the children songs she sang where written by poet Sayed Hijab and the music is for the late Ammra Sharie. The icing on the cake was her starring on lone TV drama, where she co-starred with one of Egypt's finest composers Baligh Hamdi

عفاف راضى ( قالى تعالى ) - من روائع عمار الشريعى.

عفاف راضى - مصر هي أمي - النسخة الأصلية

R A S M A L A T عفاف راضي ردّوا السلام
عفاف راضي هم النم

الفنانة عفاف راضى ( راح وقالو راح ) - حفل نادر - جودة عالية

من أغنيتها ردوا السلام، وحدى قاعدة في البيت، هو يا هوا، عطاشى، النبى تبسم، تعالى جنبى، لحن لها كبار الملحنين مثل بليغ حمدي ظهرت في اواخر الستينات في حفلات أضواء المدينةومثلت في فيلم مولد يا دنيا مع محمود ياسين ومحيي إسماعيل من أشهر أغانيها بتسأل يا حبيبي -مصر هي أمي-ابعد يا حب-المولد-بستان من الفرح-تساهيل-تعالى جنبي جرحتني عيونة السودا-حبيتك-راح وقالوا راح-ردواالسلام-سلم سلم-طير يا حمام الدوح عشاق الليل-عطاشي-عوج الطاقية-قال لى تعالى-قضينا الليالى-كله في المواني-لمين يا قمر هو الطريق هواه-هوا يا هوا-والنبي ده حرام-وعدى ع الغربه-ولما بيهل المسا-يا وابور الساعة 12-يلا يا دنيا-يمكن علي باله-يهديك

WATCH: Two Tone feat Rhany - Mektab / Destiny

Enjoy this song with two bros singing  for your pleasures Two Tone accompanied by Rahany filmed a music video in the Gulf city of Dubai. It feels like a music video filmed in Hollywood. They are singing in English and Algerian and hoping you would notice.

I do not hate this song, I am just much into American rap / R&B music like Arabs are. This is an interesting combination. Two Tone is a Moroccan (via the Netherland) artist working in Dubai. I wish him well and hope he finds his strength.
Two Tone feat Rhany - Mektab / Destiny (THE MAKING OF)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lebanese Yara Chases The Gulf Money! She Was GREAT

Yara started off his career in 2005 promising something different, focus on good music and lyrics, she also made a point of puking fun of the fashion show singers. Then four years later, she made her career about money and making it. Of course, she went to the Gulf, released a beautifully created album in the local dialect. Then she got to judge some singing show for the people of the Gulf, and thee wedding concerts came.

In very short years, she has released nothing exciting for her broad audience, and she seems to only sing for the Gulf now. It's not selling out, because this is her job....but disappointing it's indeed. Yara is making a new song and a music video as well. She still has the voice, we all love, the warm persona and the conservative dressed songstress. But she is not making music for her early fans--maybe that thee fans are not paying the bills for the fancy lifestyle Yara enjoys.      

Update, when I wrote this, she had not yet released her Lebanese pop album, she really made a great album in every sense that showed us she still has it. You just do not get sick of the album. It's lyrcis, music and production keep it interesting and upbeat.

Yara - Making Of يارا في تصوير كليب أجيك و لا تجيني مع المخرج فادي حداد

مشهد حصري من كليب يارا لأغنية "أجيك"