Sunday, April 20, 2014

Egyptian Music God Mohamed Mounir Just Got Married

He is an Egyptian music God who came from the South, upper Egypt and has made life better in that country since the seventies. For a famous rock star, Mohamed Mounir has never gotten married, by his own admission he had had many female friends. He is a big deal in Europe where his concerts are attended by Arabs and non-Arabs alike.

Now the happy news came, Mounir who is well in his fifties has finally found the one lady that will share the rest of his life with--better late than never. She is Egyptian also from the same part of Egypt as he is Nuba. And she lives in London.

Mounir has even carried this one step further as he got engaged to Dalia Yousef, the Aswan native. The new couple made it official on Friday, April 18th, 2014. Mohamed Mounir shared the marriage certificates and few items to confirm the news. His millions of fans are happy, and have danced, sang and celebrated their idol's matrimonial.

Mounir was reported to have refused to wear a suite for the ceremony. Twitter celebrated with a special Hash tag to mark the occasion.

Mohamed Mounir - Madad Ya Rasulallah

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Listen: To The The Oldest Music Notation In History! Brought Back To Life

Syrian composer & pianist Malek Jandali's album "Echoes from Ugarit" is based on the oldest music notation in history. Discovered on clay tablets in Ugarit, Syria dating back to 3400 B.C. Music by Composer & Pianist Malek Jandali with The Ludwig Symphony Orchestra.

Ugarit, Syria is the birthplace of alphabet and music notation. The interpretation of the music notation of Ugarit is a challenge and several "reconstructions" have been published. The evidence that both the 7-note diatonic scale as well as harmony existed 3400 years ago flies in the face of most musicologists' views that ancient harmony was virtually non-existent or even impossible. This has revolutionized the whole concept of the origin of Western music.

This Ugaritic hymns was arranged into a melancholic piano work preserving its rhythmic structure and building a musical bridge to the past. The song of this woman's marriage was filled with pain at not having children for her husband and her family. Apparently, the song is a lament, "the plaintive cry of an infertile woman" seeking the answer to her barrenness from the moon goddess.

Those musical notes were discovered in 1950-1952, and it wasn't until the seventies when they learned those notes are nothing but worship music. Two researchers were able to translate the notes with the help of notes found in Iraq that explained how to compose them. Syrian research Raul Fataly was credited to have done the scientific research. The music is supposed to have been written for Nikal, the wife of the moon God.

الموسيقار مالك جندلي - أصداء من أوغاريت: أقدم تدوين موسيقي في العالم اكتشف في أوغاريت - سوريا على لوحات مسمارية تعود إلى الألف الثاني قبل الميلاد

Echoes from Ugarit: The Oldest Music Notation In History!

Friday, April 18, 2014

WATCH: Assala - Shakhsia Anida - Official Video Clip - فيديو كليب شخصية عنيده - أصاله

Assala just shaved few years of her life with the release of her music video, it's like cheeks are getting younger--perhaps naturally perhaps not. Assalah is a wholesome entertainer whose big heart and emotions get her in trouble--like the time she talked about Syria.

The song is about being a stubborn soul, a resilient force who does not take no for an answer. Assala goes for the music mentor role--spot the many young artists who appear next to here. she likes the music business, but she seems to enjoy hanging out with similar-minded artists the young and the old alike.

See her walks the desert, and at home relaxed, all in energy. She is like an elder who Arabic music who can connect with the past and the present--something her voice and talent allow her to do with ease. So, here goes this pro tip--stay positive and keep trying your dream will be a reality or you will be a better person for trying. This song is more about Assala's personality than anything else. She famously dumped her husband who cheated on her, started over with a guy who seems to love her and adores her music.

Assala - Shakhsia Anida - Official Video Clip - فيديو كليب شخصية عنيده - أصاله

Checkout This Video #Happy #Gaza Version of #Pharrell Williams #Palestine

Happy is a state of mind, and nothing exemplifies this for me like this video from Gaza. This Pharrell Williams song travel worlds in its way to become the global hit it has become. Young people in Gaza took to the streets to film this song and be part of a global sensation. Boys and girls want to have fun, even in a besieged place like Gaza. they may not have electricity, roads, or freedom of movement, but one thing they have to have is their smartphones to stay connected.

I am impressed with their dance moves, they did a good job living up to the music video style and spirit. They even got their local Debka troupe to do a number in the spirit of one hell of a global world that's happy. Keep up the good energy.

.. #Happy (#Gaza version) - #Pharrell Williams