Sunday, July 5, 2015

This Anti-Song Song Is Hilarious--Thanks #Egypt

A trio of Egyptian friends who have collaborated on a number of box-office darling films released a TV comedy last Ramadan and one of the things she did right was take a stab at music videos and songs that are becoming too much or too lame. Here's one of their songs poking fun of Sh'abi songs with the many ladies they use as props, this time they did an Alexandria song.

They do it in good humor, but the offenders know themselves. Too many people dancing on screen wearing strange outfits and one thing is missing--good art expressed by real talanet.

اغنية عصفور الجنينة - ستات كتير | من مسلسل الرجل العناب

كليب شاجي وعصفور الجنينه | Asfour Gnena Ft. Shagy - مسلسل الرجل العناب

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mostafa Hagag - Sheikh Ramadan Funky Song @NjMusicProduct

Mostafa Hagag is a name we all should remember well. He is a new comer to Egypt's pop music and in less than two years he has made a name for himself as one of the most exciting voices. He is a bit of Baha Soltan with a little bit of Karim Mohsen...which means he combines a great strong voice that flexes and a charm-filled personality.

Hagag returned for Ramadan with a new song for the holy month about all the festive things that come with this month and all the good things we have come to love. Hagag takes a stroll down the Cairo streets showing off some of the cool things and the mode in the streets. There is plenty of food and drinks. Mostafa Hagag wrote the music for this song and for the first time we get to see him in the flesh.

There's something happy about this music video, something that makes the fasting month cool for the little ones and grownups. Another cool thing, the producer of the song is an Egyptian Christian. Even the song's title "Sheikh Ramadan" is clever.    
مصطفي حجاج - الشيخ رمضان - Mostafa Hagag - Elsheikh Ramdan

The Egyptian Will Smith Releases A New Action Movie (Trailer)

All Arab guys seem to like this actor for his tough guy roles he often plays. Egyptian actor and bad boy Mohamed Ramadan returns for the Eid movie season with a new blockbuster where he is playing a cop and blowing stuff up. If you have a minute check his Facebook pictures to know all about his muscles and his big heart.

When Ramadan started acting, he did amazing roles and reminded so many of the the late actor Ahmed Zaki. but somewhere along the way Ramadan started worrying about doing movies that make profit and somehow, he has always ended playing the thug, criminal, security guard or now police officer. Though he did play a number of comedic roles, but mostly he likes to blow stuff up.

Ramadan made so much money for his producer Al Sobki family that essentially do whatever he wants. The new film "Shad Agza2" seems to be his biggest budget to date, and you can see he has gotten in the best shape of his life for the role. I think this film will do well.

الاعلان الرسمى " فيلم شد اجزاء " محمد رمضان " فيلم عيد الفطر 2015 [Shad Agza2 Trailer ]

Friday, July 3, 2015

Jordanian Muslim Singer Mohammad Alkouni Replaces Rotana's Sexy Ladies

Islamic songs better know performer (Munshid) Mohammad Alkouni is a native of Jordan and is a celebrity in the Muslim/ Arab world. It seems Saudi company Rotana picked him up and together they released a supplication album during the Muslim holy month.

Sure, music sales tank during the month, but business is good as people still have cash to spend. Enters the stage the gifted lovely voice of Mohammad Alkouni. I know music channels are always looking for Ramadan appropriate entertainment to keep their advertising revenue up. And as people become more spiritual this month, there's room for Mohammad Alkouni
Mohammad Alkouni … Hal Hakan - Islamic | محمد الكوني … هل حقا - إسلامي

. . Mohammad Alkouni … Erham Hali - Ismalic | محمد الكوني … ارحم حالي - إسلامي