Sunday, March 1, 2015

Iraqi Singer Habib Ali Loses Me With His Meh 2015 Album

Iraqi vocalists are a dime a dozen, many of them are great, the few lucky ones get out and make a name for themselves away from the motherland without all the tragedies. Habib Ali seems to be one of the names who made a home in Dubai where he records new songs and releases singles and albums.

I do not know his history, he may have had many great hits in the past, but this new album of 2015 does not excite me. Platinum Records is pushing this album out and asking people to purchase a copy. Sure 30 seconds are not enough to formulate an educated opinion, but if you do not put your hottest bits from your albums in these 30 seconds, why bother? I did not hear anything I have not already heard five years ago.
البوم حبيب علي 2015 - حالياً في الأسواق | Habib Ali 2015

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Smut Film Director Jad Shwery Teams With Slumdog Bosy For Agaza @JadShwery

Jad Shwery who made a career in insulting feminism and women who respect themselves. He is the director who convinced a dozen of Arabia's biggest female artists to take off his clothes for his music video. Though he did direct a tasteful coupled of music videos for (like he did with Nawal Zoghby and Diana Haddad) But overall, he is the guy you call when you want to undress and sell your soul in exchange for fame.

When he is not wearing the director's hat, he is singing. And often times he does duets with other artists like his big hit from a decade ago with Malak Nasser. In 2015 though he paired himself with Bosy, Egypt's hottest Sha'aby and slum dog music. Together they are singing about taking a vacation from life's tragedies. Bosy sounds very fine here and she actually is enjoyable and comes across a lot classier than her past hits. Jad's vocals are hid behind some computer affects, he sounds like a backup vocalist or a featured guest. Then he raps a bit toward the end, but Bosy marshes on.

Bosy rocks out here, and the topic is pretty fresh and the song feels like a good party song or a track you play on your car on your night commute. I like Jad Shwery in doses, he is one of the most fun personalities in the music scene in Lebanon and sometimes he throws himself into the Egyptian mix like he does her.    

Jad Shwery and Bosy - Agaza (Official Audio) / جاد شويري وبوسي - أجازة

The Sheer Yoga Pants Music Video! Jana - Bint Gdida / جنى - بنت جديدة @JanaOnlineWorld

When you are Lebanese and when your resume includes winning a spot on Studio El Fan, we must listen. Jana claimed the silver medal on the popular talent scouting show. But then all this vanished when I saw her music video, she is going for the sexy version of herself. sheer Yoga pants? Gym? Spa? Pool? club?....all the cliches in one music video....She does it all and the guy she is falling for him looks like a sissy (judging by the weight he lifts)

I do not know what goes into her head of the director, but perhaps he wasn't thinking with his head after all. It feels like a teen music video made to make all the boys in high school happy. That's fine, but Jad Shewry is doing his thing once more. I think this music video may be seen as an assault on feminism and all the nice work women in Lebanon have done to advance.

This is a club mix, which means the artists voice does not really matter because it's a sideshow in this noise-filled work of art. I think she should be free to make whatever music videos she wants to, but one question sticks out, does she really want to make this music video, or does she want to make a name for himself by going overboard. Maybe I had enough of young girls singing to make the man happy.

Jana - Bint Gdida (Official Clip) / جنى - بنت جديدة

Friday, February 27, 2015

Meet The HR Consultant With A Voice of A Goddess, Nidal Ibourk!

The kingdom of Morocco seems to have an infinite supplies of good looking people who can sing and dazzle your ears off. World meets Nidal Ibourk from the Voice fame. Nidal lives in the United States (Illinois) and she chose to sing a different song than she hears being recorded and released in Arabia. She is a Human resource professional with a Masters' degree in this field. Nidal Ibourk is a virtuous singer and a multi-talented artist who has already headlined concerns in Morocco, Europe, and the US. But nothing prooelled her to fame like her competing on the MBC Voice in Lebanon where she joined team Assi Hallani.

There are strong vocals in this song, a show of force and muscles. It's not an everyday event when an Arab-American does a song that crosses the pond, but this is a welcome change. Nidal is hardly, the first Moroccan to make music from the diaspora....Houda Saad does it from Switzerland. Though Nidal and I have yet to meet in the States, we are both members of the same organization. Perhaps a telling personal attribute of hers is that she comes across as a gracious lady who always like to thank those who helped her and make her stardom a reality. I like that.

You cannot not fall in love with this single, since it offers three awesome things, a powerful female voice soaked in emotional depth, a lovable Moroccan dialect and lyrics that touches one's soul. And lastly, delightful music, and wonderful arrangement. It's a nice way how well-blended the musical elements are. Nidal Ibourk is a name we all should remember, because if she keep trying like this, she will be a household in every corner. Why not, when she has the intimacy of Fairouz, the warmth of Najjat Al Sagirah, and the late Zikra's hint of sadness.

Nidal Ibourk- Sawal Qalbi (Official Lyric Video)| نضال إيبورك - سول قلبي