Monday, January 26, 2015

Old Fart Mohamed El Helw Sings A Love Song For The Thuggish #Egypt Police

In the 80s, there was a big artist that excited Arabia and his name was Mohamed El Helw, he sang love songs in a very Egyptian way and simple way. But the 90s came and he did not transition well and his name faded away.

Then two years ago he was sentenced on charges of fraud and conspiracy in a Egyptian court. He did head the musician guild briefly before he was let go. So, you know the guy us not the best moral character in the world. So few hours after the ruthless Egyptian police have gunned down 20 people in cold blood. What does Mohamed El Helw  do?

Nothing, but a new song by him has been released and the song is salting the police, but fails to mention the people who are Egypt's biggest asset. The song only talks about the sacrifices of the police, and overlooks the sacrifices of the people. There is a huge disconnect between the way the police sees itself and the way they conduct themselves.

Right now, the police in that country as popular as Ebola, so the song's timing is questionable, plus the police paid him for this weak song, and their logo comes right before the song plays. So in a nutshell, this is a government that robs the poor and takes their money to make songs about how cool they are. But wait, the police does murder people. Just ask Shaima Al Sabbagh.

But politics aside, this song and music video are so cheap, it makes it easy to point to its shortcoming. I think the artist is doing this song ion the hopes, he won't have to serve jail time for his crimes.

Taheya wagbh - Mohamed El Helw تحية واجبة - محمد الحلو

Hiba Tawaji Gets A French Standing Ovation On The Voice #France (Video) @hibatawaji

Hiba Tawaji took her voice to The Voice, but no, not to the Arab one, the French one. I guess it must be that the Arab world is too contained for her larger than life talent. While she might not be the first Lebanese to grace (and dazzle) the French music scene (watch the first one here), she comes with a longer track record.

This appearance came as a surprise, as Hiba comes from a solid theater background, and some serious three albums. She has collaborated with the famed music powerhouse that is Rahabni household. Now she went to France and dazzled the judges with her hit Arabic song. I like that she plays to her strength, her Arab pride, and her Arab fan base.

She has sang in other languages before, and she has done very well, but nothing get her to scream from the top of lungs like her classy Arabic songs. She did get her standing ovation and she electrified the audience. Watch her be comfortable with her French, and her brilliant performance.

I trust she did this appearance for kicks and to get a validation that her voice has a crossover appeal and charm that defies the language that limits.
Hiba Tawaji the voice france 360p

Power Couple Goran Salih & Perwaz Hussein Celebrate "Kurdistan"

A Kurdish lady who can sing traveled far on Arab Idol and came close to winning the title. She has warmth, authenticity, and inner and outer beauty. This graceful lady is Perwaz Hussein. It was a well-known fact that her husband is also a musician--Her Arabic is much better than his. But this is not the topic, they sing in Kurdish and have done well for themselves. Goran Salih and Perwaz Hussein sang around the world to Kurdish communities.

They are great....but now they decided to do a song that celebrates the dream land where all Kurds aspire to live, a land known as Kurdistan. Somewhere in between, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey. I happen to the like their music, and their pride and I think good things happen to people who work hard. Goran Salih and Perwaz Hussein clearly put the hours.      

This is a song that went viral and close to half a million people viewed it. Few things to clear, I've never been a manly man. Not keen on sports, action and do not like machismo. But Kurdistan has a big gun culture, even their women know how to fire a gun and fight a war.

Let's celebrate the iconography that comes from a long standing tradition. I am not get a word they are saying, but it's so close to Arabic music and culture and tongue (calm down not the same). I love the mountains, the nature and the rugged territories. This is some fertile land folks.  
Goran Salih ft Perwaz Hussein - Kurdistan - گۆران ساڵح - په‌رواز حسێن - كوردستان - (Kurdish Music)

Cairokee Musters The Courage To Shame Egyptian Media #Television @CairoKee

Arguably Cairokee is Egypt's biggest indie band, they might also be it's best rock band of all time. I know they shot to fame after the January 25th 2011 revolution, but they made good music and had a decent message. Though I had a falling out with them in the wake of the army coup of July 2013. Cairokee had no trouble expressing their opinions up to that point.

They chose silence, now it seems they were moved to speak about the abuses they see in Egypt. After the cold-blooded assassination of Shaima Al Sabagh- the leftist activist who was gunned down in the hands of her husband.

Enjoy the new song where they rock to making fun of Egyptian media and the various colorful TV programs that offer nonsense and silly analysts. This is a true song, as the media in Egypt has gone to the dark side, and only idiots who are pro army get to have a talk show...but this is not the only alarming thing. TV hosts in Egypt lie and defame people to support an imagined community. This is a smart yet bold song by the band. They do not like what they see, but they know they have a limit on how much they can say.

I like how they take to task the sad state of Egyptian media and finger pointing where if you are not with them, you are an enemy. As far as the music is concerned, this is a sweet song that has some serious appeal to those who appreciate a more Western music style. The band still makes great music, comes up with creative ideas and travel the world in support of their music and their ideals.

I applaud their return to common sense and pointing the oblivious in the lame, no good horrible state of media inside the country known as Egypt. You really cannot have a revolution without either a smart media to educate you or a media so bad it makes you laugh till you cry.

Cairokee Television (أغنيه التليفزيون من البوم كايروكى القادم (ناس و ناس