Thursday, April 24, 2014

Porn Stars For General Sisi.... المفيد المختصر للمطربة بوسي #Egypt

Bosy is her name and she is one of the fastest raising pop stars in Egypt, a queen of Sha'abu music. A song so dominated by males for years. bosy came into the scene. She is the Missy Elliott who renovated pop for women, Bosy did the same thing in Egypt.

I do not like the fact she keeps singing for Sisi, she is attaching her name to him. Does he want her support? Does he want her voice? Does he want her image with these often times revealing clothes she wears--in Egypt this is a huge deal. I am certain he is welcoming these voices of artists who want to support him. But the thing is, almost every single high=profile supporters of his have tax issues.

Bosy's song is about keeping it short and simple....sisi is her man, the right for her country. In her mind he is the answer....but in reality he is the only option there other guy is sane enough to run against him. It's like running against a cult figure whose base is made up of misinformed and misguided people who are too tired (or perhaps incapable) to do any thinking.

Bosy makes money singing at weddings and playing like a tough girl image surrounded by slum types.

اغنية المفيد المختصر للمطربة بوسي حصريا في برنامج اخر النهار

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Palestinian Reconciliation Might Not Be Real But This Song Is!


Palestinians were all smiles this morning as the good news that they have longed for seems to be happening. A national reconciliation government might be born in few weeks. I am happy as well, this is a timely move to make things better for Palestine. I know if things go well my family in Gaza would do better and the people will not have to suffer unnecessarily. Palestinians are one people we should have one flag and one government.

A young vocalist Mais Shalash released a song about this very subject five years ago, an inclusive song. the young and popular vocalist whose best songs tend to have an Islamic and no music vibe has a good voice. She started as a little girl and now she has outgrown her childhood fame.

She still sings and makes life better for many, but she seems to be on a limited engagement. I have to wait to see if this this unity government will be born and if it does will it last? I hope they hold an election, it's about time. Neither Fateh nor Hamas is strong enough and neither of them have legitimacy. 

جديد ميس شلش وحده وطنيه

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Palestine Style) #Gaza Bs Ya Zalma Production

The team who did the funny Gaza video BasyaZalma where they did a satire version of the Van Damm truck ad returns. This time that release a new video celebrating the global hit Happy by Pharrell Williams. Once again, they talk about issues facing Gaza...from border closure, lack of cooking Gaza, electricity, fuel, political gridlock. One thing is the ATM, where dozens of people often line up once their salaries are made available.

See half a dozen kids from Gaza celebrating in a cool way the things they are happy about. They seem to stress the issue of political division with that mural. I am glad that happy dance has made it to Gaza. I like the soccer bit, and the Debak group. These guys do well for themselves, and highlight issues facing Gaza and the rest of Palestine. Note how the rival Spanish teams dance together. Energy is high in this video, note how there are no females in the video--and that might be doing women a service.

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Palestine Style)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Party Like a Good-Looking Kurd With Parwaz Hussein And Husband Goran Salih @ParwazOfficial

She is not Arab, she hardly speaks Arabic, and she came withing inches form winning the title for Arab Idol. Parwaz Hussein shined on the stage and her amazing songs in both Arabic and Kurdish were memorable and have inspired so many Arabs and Kurd to dream of living in harmony. Parwaz shot to fame and ever since she stood and audition for that show and the music scene in Kurdistan has not been the same.

Now, she is a her among her people, who admire what she did and how popular she made the local song, as more and more Arabs should appreciation for her art and the culture. In her part the government of Iraq showered her with praises and the local government of her district showed up on the program to show support. Parwaz loves her people and she has been rewarded handsomely for her participation in the show. While there scores of Kurdish bombshells, she is one whose fame extends beyond people who speak her language.

Parwaz was well known for ability to communicate emotions not just words and lyrics. Her songs manged to get through to people who have understood nothing of what her mouth uttered, but understood everything her heart sang. Not only does she sings, but also her husband is a celebrity in his own right. He shares the stag with her and the duo make good music. See the couple perform a romantic duet and blaze the stage. The Arabic lyrics for their song is also included.

Parwaz Hussein Goran Salih KURDmax 2013

Arab Idol - الأداء - برواس حسين و زوجها - كوران

لا تعشق عیوني، فقلبي آنا منزل الهم و الاحزان
لا تخطو بخطواتک الی منزلي، فطریقي صحراء وملئ بالاشواک
لاتعطیني قلبک البرئ، لا تذبلي برعم حیاتکي
لا تبتسمي لي، و لا تفشي سر قلبک لي
آعذریني، آعذریني، لا آستطیع
آذا لا آستطیع الوصول الیک، فلن اسمح لنفسي بآن تحبني
فآنت لا تعلمین شيء عن آحزاني
آرجوک دعیني لوحدي، فالوحدة هي حیاتي