Thursday, August 21, 2014

Six Vocalist, One Amazing Song For Palestine #Gaza @LianBazlamit12

Six young Arab vocalists and stars from shows like Star Academy joined forces, put their egos aside and sang one folkloric song from the Palestinian history. The versatile Lian Bazlmit leads the pack, the accessible Yehia Swees, the bold Mohammad Rafie, the warm Lilia Bin Shikha, the dazzling Diala Oudeh, and beloved Mohammad Bash. These folks could be doing a lot more with their time yet, they chose to spend their time singing for the people of Gaza and Palestine

Brining all these young talents to do this song at this time took some work, but they came together for Gaza and Palestine. they brought their A game and stood for justice. Their voices make this song extra special....It's a breath of fresh air to hear a song we grew up listening to, get a new lease on life. This song is about dignity and freedom.

Thank you folks for this gem, it's a song that will be sticking around for a while. While most of the vocalists on this track are from Palestine--some have other connections to places like Jordan and Syria. They bleed with Palestine and they came to do what they know how to do best--sing and help people heal.

يما مويل الهوى 2014


This Song From El Ashahs Will Give You Seizure العصابة - الأشاش

El Ashahs is a new Egyptian movie about a thug or what is been called "El Baltaji" it's hardly the first movie on this subject--they made one just last year. It's one of these movies where they stitch a number of tiny stories as they tell the story of one street thug who terrorize people and sleep around.

Most people are indifferent about this film, some even hate the kind of topic or the style of the producers who seem to prey on the weak and poor people by telling stories about them being sex-crazed, abusive people who like to dink do drugs and dance like strippers.

Now, we have the song which is meant to market the film, a wedding meets a block party--lots of dudes, guns, dancing ladies, and something of a rave party. Egypt is really not like this, this seems to have been filmed by someone high, and frankly the way it's filmed it might even give you seizure and panic attack. This is the techno version of auto-tine lame song with lots of slang. The thing these people who act in these movies do not live anywhere near where these stories are supposed to take place--and these people drive fancy rids and have bodyguards.

El Essabsa - Al Ashash / العصابة - الأشاش

The Politics and Music of Lebanses Pascale Sakr

This is a sophisticated song about a critical topic--poverty and injustice. Pascale Sakr picks a worthy cause to highlight with her classical style. Pascale likes to celebrate Lebanon like she did in her album released a while back, she is about that country, its people and the love stories that people live.

The artists joins half a dozen divas who focus on similar themes. she looks so much like her sister Carol. Pascale is also the daughter of Lebanese nationalist Etienne Sakr, a former member of the Lebanese Forces and Leader of the Far-Right Guardians of the Cedars and to Alexandra Sakr. She is the oldest of 3 children and her younger sister is also a Lebanese pop star Karol Sakr. She started singing at a very young age. Her repertoire includes many languages including Lebanese Arabic, French, and English.

 pascale sakr بالشوارع

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

All About Sabotage By Nadine Zarifeh | @NadinaTV نادينا - سابوتاج

Nadine ZarifehIn 1986, Nadina became the first child from Lebanon and the Arab world to ever participate at the Zecchino D'oro UNICEF festival in Italy. This Vancouver based entertainer is making a run for the Arab music scene but on her own merits. This Singer/songwriter/producer. Signed with @NettwerkMusic.  Married to Olympic Medalist @bhayden2012

Delivering a powerful rendition of "Vola, Palombella" [Fly Bird of Peace] to a television audience of over 25 million worldwide, judges awarded the young singer a gold medal, and the song became something of an international phenomenon. Instantly, her voice stood out, and she swiftly embraced the stage at charity concerts and functions across her native Lebanon and Internationally. Now comes the serious phase with the release of Sabotage teaser.

Watch the interview that explains where this song came from and how it came together....there will be names named.

Nadina - Sabotage Teaser | نادينا - سابوتاج

Nadina: "Sabotage" - The Story