Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Comer @Rana__Samaha Is Everywhere And It's Great!

The tall and slander recording artist Rana Samah released at least three music videos in the span of 30 days. Each of these songs tackles a different topic, and communicate a varying range of emotions. Rana is adored by her fans who are very vocal about this Egyptian artist.

Here's the latest music video from this inescapable pop star who goes on a picnic for her song as she awaits the days to pass by so that she can be reunited with her loved one. To be clear on this, no other star from Rana's peers and age groups have done as much work as she has done. She seems to spend a great deal of time inside the recording studio. She comes back with a new song and new energy and a pleasant character.   

One time, you compare her to diva Angham, the other to Nancy Ajram, then to Amal Maher but you know she is none of those gifted divas. She is her own star, paving her own path and in the process conquering millions of hearts along the way. One of her boldest songs came last week whens he sang to empower women and urging them to fight for their rightful places--anywhere they desire. 

I am impressed by Rana, she is prolific, and she has shown that she is active. I know many of her male peers are aggressive and this is why they get ahead, but Rana is really giving them a run for their money. We need more female artists like Rana.
Rana Samaha - 3aysha 3alyoum l رنا سماحة - عايشة ع اليوم

The Gayest Non-Gay Song Is Out Of The Closet (Video)

Two young and accomplished dancers Anthony Touma and Mohamed Attia became friends on the set of Dancing with the Stars. They took their friendship to the next level and recorded a summer duet that they co-wrote. In one hand Anthony Touma and Mohamed Attia wrote the lyrics and then Touma wrote the music. And all of sudden you get a summer hit that is actually exciting.

Attia has done many things in his life since he won the 2004 Star Academy--he won that show's first season. Attia did a number of singles and album but nothing really that he could call a legacy. Then he starred in tow movies, and right after that he hosted a show with gamers celebrities--it was good. In between he did a lot of political activism, lots of opinions and he is no fan of the military dictator running Egypt.

Let's focus on the song, it's a perfect summer song--lots of bikinis, watermelons lemons, music, drinks. I liked the single when it was released two months ago, now we get to see the pool and the water guns. Things are changing fast in the Middle East, we got the extremists on both sides. Where have the sun gone?

I must say the games played poolside are refreshing, make no mistake this is a party song that makes no secrets about flirting. Enjoy the very short shorts and the studs lurking around the pool. On the plus side, this is one of the few times, where the guy is actually a good dancer that can stand his ground. The end of the music vides leaves one laughing.
Anthony Touma Ft. Mohamed Attia - Kol Lela | أنطوني توما ومحمد عطية - كل ليلة

Monday, July 27, 2015

#MyMAYA Album Is Out! Erotica With Lebanese Maya Diab

01 – Biradini
02 – Da Mtallaa Eeni
03 – Ghmorni W Shedd
04 – Habbayt Nemshi Sawa
05 – Keda Bardou
06 – Kilmi
07 – Ktir Awi Keda
08 – Sabaa Terwah
09 – Ya Bayyaiin El Assal

Girls make everything nice, guys have to take everything and turn into something dirty. Take fro example Maya Diab's new song and music video. She asks him to huge her and press tight. Then the duo are in bed rolling in bed. I do not get it, I do not think this is necessary, but the fans have something to say. Then one song ends and another one begins and a new storyboard. The handsome guy brings her back to life and they end up together.

Maya Diab is a married woman and she is even being directed by another female director so this might be girl power in action. No doubt the location is captivating and the performance is new to Maya Diaib. As for the album, I get the feeling that she did not have any real music produces in the studio to tell guide her and challenge her to be the best Maya she can be.

I feel the album is average, what's missing is a genuine hit song that makes one happy and sends young people to the dance floor. While the album has some good songs, no lead song jumps to mind, lots of emotions and female sided tales. But also, Maya talks like one of these street kids at least in one song.

Maya Diab - Ghmorni w Chedd &; Kilmi / مايا دياب - غمرني وشد و كلمي

Laith Abu Joda Breaks The Internet For Habibi Yalla @LaithAbuJoda

Laith Abu Joda keeps messing with people's internet. Why? He is so popular that any song of his keeps people busy and generates so many social media actions necessitating new servers. The young pop star (all the way from Star Academy) returns with a new summer hit that will be the subject of envy from many of his peers.

This Palestinian rock star has shot to fame in a very short time-frame by singing his heart out for his fans. But he did that first by releasing a humanitarian song that made many of us cry. But that was earlier this year and now we are going to see the start of the season of love and romance. The brilliant music video released with the new song Habibi Yalla is all about energy and excitement. Laith does it again and opens Pandora's box for the season. Another awesome thing about the music for Habibi Yalla is the sweet fact it has been composed by the lovable Karim Mohsen.

The song is catchy and invites the listener to jump right in. It's smooth and has plenty of fizz. No denying this is one hip guy making music for those who want to shake it. So if you really want something cool this summer? Grab a cold beverage and watch the song below.

P.S. I am all hopeful for Palestinian pop--we sort of have a dozen young artists doing wonderful songs that cross into other countries and generate buzz. Among the millennial pop stars Laith Abu Joda stands tall as he claims (and I second that) to have one of the most dedicated fan base on the social media sphere.        

ليث أبو جودة - حبيبي يلا | Laith Abu Joda - Habibi Yalla