Thursday, July 30, 2015

Saudi Crooner? Turki Is Everything Your Love Life Needs

So many Khaleej based artists go by the name Turki, it's a royal name too. Here's one super talented Saudi singer that uses that name and he is doing well by that name. 99 percent of Saudi singers do not try to be famous outside of their country--there is plenty of money at home. But those who do tend to do it for the celebrity chair not necessary for the funds.

When you look up Turki, you learn many Iraqis share his songs on their forums and consider him one of their own. That's neat! I like him in this romantic style. He is a lot like these old Abdul Majeed Abdallah songs. Pure, innocent and unassuming love is there comfort zone. The music is pretty fine and it does help the song and the listener to keep focused on it.

The power of the Saudi song has always been reliant on its poetic lyrics, Turki sticks to that tradition and dazzle us once more.
Turki ... Ya Darory | تركي ... يا ضروري

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fares Karam (Rotana) vs. Mohammed Assaf (Platinum Records)

Two mega music companies are prepping for new releases for some of the hottest music videos. The first is a young Palestinian Arab Idol doing an Egyptian song. The other is for a Lebanese hit-maker who has consistently releases a summer dance hit every summer for the past 15 years.

Not sure what these two songs have in common with another, but they will be sort of important in the pop music scene. We sort of miss Mohammed Assaf, he has now to do great things to get our attention, mediocre songs do not work. Sure we are proud of him and what he has accomplished but if he wants to be a big number in pop music, he has to play by the rules and own it.

Fares Karam needs no introduction, The Lebanese bro and pro hit-maker released a mini album almost a week before Ramadan and now he is back marketing his two album songs with a music videos. Fares knows how to make a summer hit--somehow the music and energy stays the same the lyrics and topic vary. He is playing stalker for his music video--not cool anywhere but in the Middle East.   

محمد عساف - أيوه هغني - قريباً | Mohammed Assaf - Aywa Haghany - Coming Soon

Fares Karam ... Aal Tayeb - Clip Promo | فارس كرم ... عالطيب - برومو الكليب

The Egyptian Adele Attempts To Be Hip (Video)

Reham Abd Elhakim just released one of her music videos unto the world. Reham, I love her might opera-quality vocals. Perhaps she might not be the cool artists you had on mind, but when it comes to singing she is tough to beat. Though I like her many songs from various movies and TV shows. It's hard to forget her song that takes issue with the many faults that comes with growing up in Egypt. A touching song that resonated with all Arabs not just the ones in Egypt.

Reham is trying to do an image makeover and appealing to the young and hip. She already has fans in many of her tuxedo wearing fans who know her from the house of opera. I like how Egyptian she is. She is your text book Egyptian female artist.

I just think she deserves a better music video, than this graphic show that seems to be at least ten years old. Not her fault, but glad to see that Mazzika is featuring her at all. Singers who are more focused on their voice and less with their image and marketing are under-represented. Rehad did play the role of a young Um Kalthoom in that hit show in 1999. Her first performance at the house of opera came at the young age of 12.
Ahla Hedeya - Reham Abd Elhakim احلى هدية - ريهام عبد الحكيم

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Comer @Rana__Samaha Is Everywhere And It's Great!

The tall and slander recording artist Rana Samah released at least three music videos in the span of 30 days. Each of these songs tackles a different topic, and communicate a varying range of emotions. Rana is adored by her fans who are very vocal about this Egyptian artist.

Here's the latest music video from this inescapable pop star who goes on a picnic for her song as she awaits the days to pass by so that she can be reunited with her loved one. To be clear on this, no other star from Rana's peers and age groups have done as much work as she has done. She seems to spend a great deal of time inside the recording studio. She comes back with a new song and new energy and a pleasant character.   

One time, you compare her to diva Angham, the other to Nancy Ajram, then to Amal Maher but you know she is none of those gifted divas. She is her own star, paving her own path and in the process conquering millions of hearts along the way. One of her boldest songs came last week whens he sang to empower women and urging them to fight for their rightful places--anywhere they desire. 

I am impressed by Rana, she is prolific, and she has shown that she is active. I know many of her male peers are aggressive and this is why they get ahead, but Rana is really giving them a run for their money. We need more female artists like Rana.
Rana Samaha - 3aysha 3alyoum l رنا سماحة - عايشة ع اليوم