Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Regards To All The Martyrs Song By Sherine @sherineawahab

Sherine recorded a song for the fallen troops in Egypt, but the timing was awkward so she dedicated the song for them and for the fallen in Gaza. Ayman Bahgat Amar wrote for her, and I like his music but more and more he is turning into a extremist nationalist. Credit goes to Sherine for remembering Gaza at this moment when her leader is conspirator on the Israeli onslaught. I know Sherine means well and has a heart, but Egypt is not a place for love right now--they are angry with everyone for no good reason.

The song goes to say, say hello for me to all the martyrs, the song is clearly for the Egyptian policemen murdered by some secretive shadow group with questionable support. It's a "let's cry" song, the fife certainly gives that away, slow music and no rush...allowing one to sob. It's a sad tragedy when people get kills, but once you put a uniform you accept a risk--it does not mean you should be targeted, but you are given a weapon for a reason.

 Now the bigger disaster is when Israel murders you while you are sitting home with your family about to break your fast. 20 seconds later, your body is flying in the street, and you are gone. This happened to too many families in Gaza--they do not need a song or a reward--it's with God. The timing of the attack on these Egyptian policeman serves one purpose to distract Egyptians form pouring their attention to Gaza.

شيرين - سلم عالشهدا | Sherine - Sallem A'al Shohada

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Toni Qattan Fan Essential Playlist

He is a low-key singer from Jordan by the way of Palestine. He is a young voice with a solid fan base in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. He can be seen doing concerts in these places, and his fans attend and show their love for this almost indie entertainer.

Toni Qattan is that voice, and I like how he handles his business. He is all about making good songs and nice music videos. He is a hit for concerts and he comes with little drama. He does the Bedouin song very well, he has few party songs the bring out his old soul. He does the romantic songs brilliantly, and in Lebanon he has a big name recognition.

He also has done few Egyptian songs that were cool. He has that non threatening good-look, he ranges between casual and blazer when it comes to dressing.

Toni Qattan - Ya Mhager / طوني قطان - يا مهاجر

Toni Qattan - Ahlek Ma Badon Yani / طوني قطان - أهلك ما بدن ياني

Toni Qattan - Einha Alaya / جديد طوني قطان 2013 - عينها عليا

More songs from Toni are found here

Karim Mohsen, The Justin Timberlake of Egyptian Pop Is BACK!

Karim Mohsen is one of the few innovators of Egyptian pop, the guy rocks with his dazzling performances. I love the music and arrangements he composes. It's fresh stuff he makes when he wants to do catchy tracks. But he also does the emotionally complex track that makes some tear up.

I am a fan of his happy melodies and party tunes. Karim has been doing these songs for half a dozen years since he started with Tamer Hosny and to go on his own in 2011. He seems like a cool guy who is never afraid of experimenting with styles and ranges. Perhaps it's telling how he titled his album "The Experiment" I compare him to the style and energy of Justin Timberlake.

Here's a teaser for his upcoming albu, and I do not just like what I am hearing, I love every few seconds of each songs he shared with us.

Karim Mohsen - 3an Tagreba Album promo | برومو كريم محسن - البوم عن تجربة

Karim Mohsen Promo 3an Tagreba - برومو كريم محسن البوم عن تجربة

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Daughter of #Palestine Cedar Zaitoun Steps Up For #Gaza With New Song

I consider myself a fan of Palestinian vocalist Cedar Zaitoun, but now I am a bigger fan with her timely response for the attacks on Gaza. Quick turnaround with these songs are something worth celebrating. Ms. Zaiton recorded this poem from famed and beloved Palestinian poet Samih Al Qassim.

He wrote this poem years ago, "advance, move forward" and she flew to Lebanon to recorded it in the professional studios of Tony Hadad. It's not easy to listen to a song about resistance when you are entire family is experiencing it in the first person. This is what it feels to be me right now, but I am in safety and they are not.  

I think the song is in the modern and clam style, but I would have liked a lot more rage than this songs allows...Cedar gave an impressive performance like she always dones.
تقدموا تقدموا .. سيدر زيتون