Sunday, July 27, 2014

WATCH: Julia Boutros Honors Palestinian Fighters in Gaza Righteousness is my weapon (Eng Subs) جوليا بطرس - الحق سلاحي

Julia Boutros once again sticks her neck for resistance, she did before in Lebanon and before in Palestine. Now she goes out for Gaza and Palestine. She stands tall and speaks truth to power....Julia has never lost her brand, her allure. She has it, and her heart is in the right place. That mighty strong voice of hers makes you tremble.

While Egyptians artists are taken a nap treating Gaza is a non-event. Lebanon really showed them how to do it, you stand next to your brother who resists an occupation. I love her voice, she means resistance, and it shows in her voice...she is a big fan of freedom and justice---the question why aren't you sir?

This song won't please the Saudi regime, because truth is not on their side this once, Israel fears these songs and have protested them in the past. These settlers need to pack and go home--it does not matter how many they kill or how hard they try to justify the murder of the innocent--ultimately, they lose. They lose a bit of themselves each time they wrong Gaza, Palestine.

Julia Boutros Honours Palestinian Fighters in Gaza Righteousness is my weapon (Eng Subs)

جوليا بطرس - الحق سلاحي Julia Boutros

WATCH: Mesut Kurtis - Zulme Feryad | #SupportGaza #FreePalestine #TurkishSongs

The Macedonian born, UK educated Mesut Kurtis who comes from a scholarly and religious family of Turkish origin is all support for Gaza at this moment. Mesut who showed a strong interest in Islamic nasheeds from a very young age. Blessed with a beautiful, powerful, and passionate voice.

On top of that Mesut is also a gifted multi-linguist, being fluent in five languages, and this is wonderfully portrayed in his first nasheed album: Salawat, which features songs that beautifully and seamlessly combine Arabic, Turkish, and English. Mesut graduated from the European Institute of Human Sciences, Wales, UK in Shari'ah Studies.

He could not possibly sit aside watching Gaza and Palestine burn and say nothing. So like most of his fellow artists with Awakening Record he sang for Palestine in Turkish. Turkey is a big aid to Gaza, and people of Gaza feel like they have a back in this country and its leadership.

Mesut Kurtis - Zulme Feryad | #SupportGaza #FreePalestine

WATCH: Jannat ... Hob Gamed - Video Clip | جنات ... حب جامد - فيديو كليب

The title confused some people, but the song was meant to be a fun one about lasting love. Moroccan pop star Jannat who is a huge success in Egypt had to film this music video, and tell us a story about her love--limitless love. I guess in the music video she seems to have everything, nice bedroom, breakfast in bed, gifts rolling into her, and a huge billboard confessing his love.

I like Jannat, but this is not anything like reality, it's ike these college kids who feel obsessed to do a grand gesture. It's a song song, but the title was the butt of every joke. The music video talks about how this happy love ends with a wedding and a white dress. This is a short song, it barely passes the three minutes mark. But this may have been a dream all along.

Jannat ... Hob Gamed - Video Clip | جنات ... حب جامد - فيديو كليب

Saturday, July 26, 2014

WATCH: رامي جمال - فترة مش سهلة [فيديو] Ramy Gamal - Fatra Mesh Sahla (Video)

I have heard a lady tell me she thought Ramy Gamal, the Egyptian pop star is a handsome looking guy. I did not see that when she said that. But now, with the release of his latest music video, I agree with her. Ramy is back with an absolutely beautiful music video where he is looking like a million dollar.

Not sure, but that slim fit suit, classy shades, fancy ride and model tell me that guy got it. The skyline helps and so does the club bar scene. Ramy is unable to get over an old flame, he is singing the blues and it feels all too real--the man had his heart broken an for a dream boat looking guy, this should not happen.

Ramy is a loyal romantic, he does not see anyone around him, but the memories of his old love. The composer within him made this song a treat for all his fans. This is how you make a music video--it feels like something Elissa would do, tell a love story that is missing something. Ramy Gamal pulls it off here and he seems to have transformed himself to be that person. Passing time, is what the name of the game....Not clear to me, where this joint has been filmed, but the skyline is fascinating.

رامي جمال - فترة مش سهلة [فيديو] Ramy Gamal - Fatra Mesh Sahla