Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#Shit_Happens Listen: Bahaa soultan" Ana Mesh Handam I بهاء سلطان أنا مش هندم

Bahaa Soultan released a new song, a single from his upcoming album. We sort of did not miss him this year....he released a random album with social messages, and before that and after he was singing for the army to murder his fellow civilians. Now he is about to release the new album and I like the lead.

The lyrics are from his pal and producer for life Nasr Mahrous, who seems to have creative control over all elements of the album making, from lyrics, to recording to filming a music video for the hit songs. It's a slow dark song, I would have loved it if it had different music, it sort of kills the mood for me and I am like what the freak? I need a pillow.

I may like the yrcis that fight regrets and urge one to move on--do not dwell on the past. I like the message, but if you do not have good music, then you are wasting a good song

.. Bahaa soultan" Ana Mesh Handam I بهاء سلطان أنا مش هندم

Hassan Raddad, The Prettiest Egyptian Boy Toy

According to many ladies and media sources, the hottest male actor in Egyptian cinema is actor Hassan Raddad. The star of many TV dramas and movies, who will soon be starring in a Ramadan-timed show alongside Myrima Faris, the Lebanese songstress.

He is a handsome guy who always seems to dress right. He is an eye candy who went to school to study business in Cairo and then studied art. So he is back doing the media run talking up the show and the new project. Hassan shot to fame in 2006 when he appeared on a movie, a year later he starred in a TV drama along side Egyptian actor Nour Shrif. Keep on mind Hassan started in a film with Haifa Wehbe in 2009. So far, I have not seen him challenge himself beyond the good looking guy looking for a spouse roles. Some people talk smack about his attempt at comedy.

حسن الردّاد لـ"إيلاف": مشاركتي لميريام فارس ليست ردًا على هيفاء وهب

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WATCH: Nancy Ajram And Cheb Khaled World Cup Song Brazil 2014

That soft drink company hired Cheb Khaled the music legend from North Africa, France, Europe and the world. They paired him with Nancy Ajram with number one selling pop star from the Arab World. A song for the world cub in Brazil, dance, beat, spicy food, tourists, global outlook, and music.

The song is about dreaming big--you will be big in size if you keep drinking that soft drink. This is a big budget marketing ploy that does not feel real--it's the work of advertising exes not an artist. Family, young people, cool phone and people who like music. This is nothing really....a song about dreaming big. I love Cheb Khaled, Nancy is more of a guest here showing off her hair.

Know this, the company wanted to sell big in Egypt--the biggest Arab market, so they went for the stars who can close the deal. Really where is Amr Diab? None of these people who appear in the music video seem to understand Arabic. The lyrics are those form Amer Taema and the music is for Hassan El Shafei who also sits on Arab Idol judge chair next to Nancy Ajram.

Remember Algeria is the only Arab soccer team competing in the world cup--Egypt missed the boat in a sad display late last year against Ghana.

أغنية كوكاكولا الرسمية لكأس العالم #شجع_حلمك - نانسي عجرم و شاب خالد

Palestinian Political Prionsers Inside Israeli Jail Crearte Their Own Version Arab Idol @ArabIdol

Some of them are not going to ever walk free again, some of them are their for charges that make little sense. Some of them have been abducted and thrown in Jail that the Israeli occupation. Now, they may have lost their freedom---they still have their sense of humor.

Check this funny video from the behind the walls of their jailhouse, they are singing and entertaining one another, I like the Arab Idol style set they have....the onlookers are their fellow prisoners. I think this was filmed during their recreation hour. This has a comedy flavor and even the cover song for Abdel Halim has been turned into a satire. One of the prisoner did an satire take on Nabil Shouail.

We do not really know which prison this really is, not all prisons are created equally. Not to forget had it not been for Mohammed Assaf, the winner of Arab Idol's second season, they show would not have been of interest to them. While on the program, Assaf sang for them and even a letter form inside the jail cells were read on the program.

فيديو مثير لأسرى فلسطينيين يقلدّون "آراب آيدول" بأغاني ساخرة ومعنويات عالية ..