Friday, April 17, 2015

Listen: Music Library : رولا سعد – دق الخشب – Rola Saad – Dogg El Khachab #Iraq

Not my business, what she wears, or how old she is but when Rolla Sad release a new song, I like to know about it. It's a new Lebanese song with an A Team--Smir Sfir is on board....and it sounds like an old Bedouin style. The lyrics are the work of Kareem El iraqi

The song is about knocking on one's door as making things official, and proposing to your's an Iraqi song that feels like a party....I like the mastering....

Rola has not managed to establish her brand, as in she is not known for any particular thing. she just makes music as she goes, no master plan. That does not make for a legacy. Take for example, we know a Nancy Ajram song right away, same for Elissa and Najwa Karam. but Rola is all over the place.

Song is Here

. Rola Saad ... Doq El Khishab - Video Clip | رولا سعد ... دق الخشب - ألبوم

Maher Zain Sings In More Languages In His Global Fame Pursuit

Maher Zain, the Muslim rock star from Lebanon by the way of Europe had this to say about a recent concert he had in Turkey.

"I had a really great time in Konya, Turkey - the city of the most famous and most read poet in the world: Mevlana Jalaudin Rumi. An Amazing concert in front of 20,000 people, and the organsiers were really wonderful genuine people. I got to learn more about Rumi and visited his Masjid too.... Overall a truly unforgettable experience.."
For your average Muslim rock star to be a hit-maker he or she has to sing in half a dozen languages....Arabic, English, Mali/Indonesian, Turkish, Hindi and perhaps others. Due to the worship nature, Arabic takes center-stage, but English is the way to go for social media. Local languages are great for concerts and promotions. Aside from his music, Maher keeps busy with his charity work as he is an ambassador for few household name charities.

Maher Zain - Radhitu Billahi (Arabic) ماهر زين - رضيت بالله ربا

Have You Met Mikayella Yet? You Are About To

Mikayella is a lovely Lebanese/Syrian pop star who is ready to give her Lebanese/Syrian peers the run of their lives. Why you may ask? She has a new single and she went for what's commonly known as the white dialect. The exact dialect that goes well with all Arabic speakers ears, it's the more pure and bland spoken form of Arabic. And the verdict?

Mikayella did a fine job. Good catchy and old-fashioned lyrics that draw the listener in and makes us imaging the Bedouin tent. It's a song where passion meets the strong vocals of Mikayella and it's a perfect combination. Welcome  Mikayella to the mainstream, your deserve to be where you are.
ميكاييلا - يا ويلوه Mikayella - Ya Weiloh

Mikayella - Ya Weiloh 2015 // ميكاييلا - يا ويلوه Lyrics: Alexi Costantine Music: George Mardirozian Arrangement: Mostafa Matar & Rimon Al Hajj

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Step-Mother And Daughter Team Up In A New Duet @Hala_alturk @DouniaBatmaA

When you are a music producer with a daughter that sings and is a rock star, you make sure she does what makes her happy while she does what she is good at. When you are the same producer and married to a lady who can also sing and has been called the Arab Idol, you make sure she keeps doing her music thing.

But Mohammad Al Turk brought his daughter and his wife together in a new music venture or call it a duet. The new duet for Hala Al Turk and her step-mother Dounia Batma is something of an internet sensation and a viral hit. Check out this new track that brings together two young artists. The second has not been released for than 24 hours and it has already been seen by tens of thousands.

The young and dazzling artists can be seen sporting the traditional Moroccan dress yet they sound very Khaleejy. Sure they have chemistry and friendship that is priceless. A good song is a good song. I am glad to hear that the family has sorted out its drama and they are more focused and energized as ever.

The song has been teasing music fans for months so the release was a big thing for their respective fans. The song offers nothing but love from the two ladies. I like the energy, the beat and the lyrics.

جديد دنيا بطمه وحلا الترك - آه ياقمر - 2015