Saturday, September 20, 2014

Get Excited! Tamer Ashour Finishes His 2014 Album "Ana Rage3" @TamerAchour

"I'm Coming Back" this is how one of my all-time favorite musicians titled his album. Tamer Ashour returns with force, his last album released in 2011, February when Egypt was going under a transformation. The company released it and Tamer Ashour took issue with the timing, needless to say the album was not a big commercial success.

Now is 2014, and the buzz for the new album is getting started. Tamer Ashour is a hard working talent who has a sense of humor yet manages to perform the darkest love songs. Mazzika who gets Tamer Ashour is happy to have him with them. I know he was not very pleased with Rotana, and Mazzika gets Egyptian pop.

Producer Mohsen Jaber looks pleased with the product. See Tamer listens to samples of his own tracks.
تامر عاشور ينتهى من تسجيل البوم عشت معاك حكايات 2014

تامر عاشور ينتهى من تسجيل البوم عشت معاك حكايات 2014

WATCH: The Ultimate Romantic Song From Hany Shaker لسه بتسألى - حفلة-هانى شاكر

The song you will find below has moved me as a kid, and now I got a live performance for this hit by the romance legend Hany Shaker. This is the song of how every decent man sees himself when he falls in love and goes all in, but does not get reciprocated.

The song tells a love's so poetic. The song kicks of with the lady asking her lover, what she is to him? Even though he thinks the answer is obvious, he still goes and answers it with sweet and beautiful words. He tells her "I got the answer"....and the magic rains.

When you are in my blood, and all I think about it, when I live my dream with you, when your shadow becomes mine, when I spend sleepless nights with you on mind. When You are the best thing that I hold on to, when I go up against the world, and grant you all your wishes....etc. When I long to you and my the feelings I have for you overwhelm tell me what you are to me? You are the light of my world....and the love saga goes on. I guess others may see it as a guy putting himself on the cross, like he is the ultimate lover that is neglected and his sincerity questioned. Still the song is a classic to me and people a bit older and younger than myself.

There is no sweeter lyrics in Arabic pop that come close to those Hany Shaker sings here

Lesa Btesaaly-Hany Shaker لسه بتسألى - حفلة-هانى شاكر

لسة بتسألي - هاني شاكر

هو انتي لسا بتسألي
انتي بالنسبه لي ايه
لا يا حبيبتي اطمني
الجواب عندك لاقيه
لما تجري جوا دمي
لما تبقي كل همي
لما أعيش وياكي حلمي
تبقي بالنسه لي ايييييه ؟؟
لما لك يبقى ضلي
وتبقي أجمل شئ فاضلي
ولما اسهرلك تملي
ويا طيفك يبقى ليييه ؟؟
لما اتحدى الدنيا عشانك
لما اتعزب من أحزانك
لما اوهبلك وانتي مكانك
كل اللي انتي بتتمنيه
كل اللي انتي بتتمنيه
لما لاقي الشوق صاحبني
والحنين ليكي غالبني
يبقى ايه اللي غاصبني
غير هوى بلاقيني فيه
ولما قلبي يدق دقه
من حنين وحنان ورقه
والقى روحي ليكي سابقه
عالمكان اللي انتي فيه
واما عيش واحلم بدنيا
انتي نورها في كل ثانيه
يبقى اي دنيا تانيه
مش معاكي تسوا ايه
مش معاكي تسوا ايه؟؟
لما ثانية تفوت عليا
وانتي مش قدام عينيا
كل شئ في الدنيا ديا
يبقى صعب وقاسي ليه؟؟
مش بقلك يا عيوني
مستحيل ابدا تهوني
انتي احلامي وكوني
والهوى اللي بعيش عليه
ياجنوني واشتياقي
لما بتغرب بلاقي
قلبك انتي وحدو باقي
جنب قلب يخاف عليه
جنب قلب يخاااف عليه
لما بنسى عمر يقبلك
واتولد لحظة ما قابلك
قلبي يبقى ملك قلبك
والغرام مكتوب عليه
واما قلك مهما قلك
برضو مش هقدرلا أقلك
انتي على بعضك وكلك
أحلى حلم حلمت بييييه
لسا برضو بتسأليني
ده انتي قلبي وانتي عيني
وانتي روحي ونور سنيني
عايزة تاني اقلك ايييه
عايزة تاني اقلك ايه ؟
اقولك اييييه؟؟؟؟

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pop Star @SamoZaen Is Now The Official King of Fake Twitter Followers!


Thanks to a wonderful work by @MohamedOmar he was able to expose one of Egypt's biggest pop stars. Syrian Samo Zaen is a successful entertainer who makes good music, seems like a cool guy and gets a lot of wedding gigs.

through careful analysis here. IT seems that lots of people in Russia follow the artist--Russia is one of the big hubs for fake twitter followers. Those numbers gave Samo an advantage that toped Amr Diab (whom Samo claims to love) Plus Samo did not do anything that would explain this surge in followers. Within five months period, the number of followers on twitter for Samo has shot up 125 percent. Other sites used to confirm those numbers include and

Samo is hardly the first artist to be accused of such thing, but the data backs the report. Instead of threatening to sue the publication and the artist--on what ground? He should just ignore or stop talking.  I think this is a great job on behalf of FilFan team. Even though Samo got some Lebanese sites to attack the very successful entertainment site.


Samo, you will always be cool, you will always sell records, no need to lose another fight. I would stop whatever I am doing and not argue with the reporter who did his job very well. Just blame someone else for this problem, no need to try to win people over.  @MohamedOmar did his homework and @Filfan back him up 

. El Masal - El Aasal - Samo Zaen المثل - العسل - ساموزين

All The Beautiful Songs of Farid al-Atrash

If you enjoy the music and songs of Syrian Egyptian composer Farid al-Atrash, then chances are you are fifty years of age. For anyone who appreciates his music and not 50 years of age or older--these are the unsung heroes. This music is for heavy doses of Arabic entertainment, it's so concentrated that is may not be suitable for everyone.

Growing up my uncle used to be a big fan and always crank up the volume of the radio when a song of Farid al-Atrash air. Dad was not a big fan but he liked the guy and some of his songs. So in honor of all those who appreciate the gifted and well-rounded entertainer, here are some of his finest songs, about 12 of them.

You are an old soul and you know it. Farid lead a tragic life and he was controversial figure at some point--family and political drama. This examples why the man has a legend status pretty much anywhere in the Arab world. We would be dammed not to mention his lute and how astounding his skills are.

12  ١٢ اغاني رائع من فريد الأطرش ♥♥♥♥ نورا نورا ♥♥ يا جميل ♥♥ دايما معاك ♥♥ إتقل إتقل ♥♥ بقى عايز تنساني ♥♥ يا مالكه القلب بإيدك ♥♥ يا حبايبي يا غايبين ♥♥ تقول لأ ♥♥ منحرمش العمر منك ♥♥ زمان يا حب ♥♥ إياك من حبي ♥♥ عش انت ♥♥♥♥ belles chansons de Farid El Atrache

أجمل أغاني ورائعة من فريد الأطرش ♥ Beautiful songs of Farid Al Atrash